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BRAFA ART TALKS 2015 The restoration of the Mystic Lamb Part I : The history of the painting by Anne VAN GREVENSTEIN-KRUSE

The Lecture

The retable of the Mystic Lamb by the Van Eyck brothers (1432) is not only extraordinary for its beauty, but also for the eventfulness of its existence, from the iconoclasm of 1566, exile in Paris (1794-1816) to the salt mines of Altaussee during the Second World War. The last major restoration was carried out from 1950-1951 by Paul Coremans, founder of the Royal Institute of Art Heritage in Brussels, and remains a shining example of collaboration between art historians, scientists and restorers. The research carried out in Saint Bavo's Cathedral in 2010-2011 was the first stage in the current restoration project being carried out at the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent. Anne van Grevenstein presents in this talk the epic story of one of the most famous painting in human history.


The Speaker

Anne VAN GREVENSTEIN-KRUSE, advisor of St Bavo Cathedral, Professor Emeritus of conservation and restoration at the University of Amsterdam, is a charismatic reference in the field of conservation.


Useful links :

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Rediscovering Ghent altarpiece online : closertovaneyck website

Saint Bavo :

To see the restoration live : Ghent Museum of Fine Arts 

And Ghent in general :

Date : January 29, 2015

Location : Brussels

Organization : BRAFA art and antique Fair – BIAPAL

Partners : Brussels Airlines – The Plaza Hotel  Saint Bavo Cathedral – KIK-IRPA – Lukas web