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ART CONNOISSEURS 2015 - Nathalie Vandeperre : Hidden Treasures from the Floating World Japanese Prints Collection@the Royal Museums of Art and History (ENG)

Ukiyo-e prints were among the very first objects the RMAH acquired for its Japanese section, with the purchase of 267 prints at Bing’s in Paris in 1889. The most important acquisition no doubt was Edmond Michotte’s collection in 1905, that counted over 4600 prints.

After the exhibition of the Michotte collection in 1911, the print collection grew but remained hidden in the storages until the 1970’s when it was rediscovered by the American specialists Roger Keyes and Jack Hillier. They identified unique Sharaku prints and found a selection of Harunobu prints in an impeccable state of conservation, among many others.

With the restauration works of the Museum of Japanese Art in 2013, the prints returned to the storages. This lecture introduces the highlights of the ukiyo-e collection, one of the treasures of the RMAH.

Nathalie Vandeperre is curator of the Far-Eastern department (China, Japan, Korea) of the Royal Museums of Art and History (RMAH) in Brussels. She heads the Museums of the Far-East (Chinese Pavilion, Japanese Tower and Museum of Japanese Art) and their export art collections.

Shot at the Cinquantenaire Museum during the Asian Art in Brussels and Brussels Ancient Art fairs lecture series.
A lecture made in collaboration with the Royal Museum of Art and History and IBHEC.

A BIAPAL production

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