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CULTURES 2016 - Les trésors médiévaux du Mandé : Terres cuites Djenné-Jéno, statuaire en bois Soninke et statuaire en bronze du Mali

Une conférence donnée par Bernard de Grunne dans le cadre d'ArtConnoisseurs, le cycle de conférences données simultanément à la foire d'art Cultures - The World Arts Fairs. 

Video conference by Bernard de Grunne 
'Ancient Mande Treasures - Genesis of Art in Mali'. 

On the occasion of its 28th edition, BRUNEAF partnered with Bernard de Grunne to curate a major exhibition of 28 exceptional objects from the ancient cultures of the middle Niger in Mali. For the first time since 1990, a remarkable group of 16 ancient terracotta figures from Djenné-Jeno and 4 bronze statuettes from the same culture were presented, together with 8 wooden figures, dating from the 10th to the 15th century and carved by various Soninke artists.

Bernard de Grunne is a passionate fine tribal arts dealer devoted to authenticity, but he is also a scientist turned into an expert, an art historian, and above all a fine connoisseur with a sharp eye and all the stories to tell about the objects.

See also the video of this exhibition:

Filmed in Brussels / Filmé à Bruxelles le 10 juin 2016.