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Denise Patry Leidy : Crafting Chinese Buddhist Sculpture: Case Studies from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

From an early Buddha cast using the distinctively Chinese piece-mold technique to a late seventh-century mandala, one of the earliest known examples of this type, to wooden bodhisattvas with hidden mirrors, scientific examination has yielded new information regarding the dating, meaning, and function of many of the Chinese Buddhist sculptures in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This presentation introduce new material regarding some of the most famous masterpieces in the collection and explore the ways in which this information broadens our understanding of the practice of Buddhism in China.

Denise Patry Leidy holds a PHD in Art History of the Columbia University of New York. Curator since 1995 at the Department of Asian Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Chinese sculpture and Decorative Arts), she is responsible for extensive collections of sculpture, lacquer, ceramics and other decorative arts including bi-annual rotations of lacquers and textiles in The Florence and Herbert Irving Galleries for Chinese Decorative Arts.

Author of many books, essays, exhibition catalogues and brochures and gallery guides about Chinese, Korean and Central Asian Art, curator of major exhibitions in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other museums, she is a very active international lecturer and collaborates at research projects and scholarly activities in her speciality the Buddhist art of Asia

Shot at the Cinquantenaire Museum during the Asian Art in Brussels and Brussels Ancient Art fairs lecture series.
A lecture made in collaboration with the Royal Museum of Art and History and IBHEC.
A BIAPAL production

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