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BRAFA ART TALKS 2015: Rearranging the Furniture – A New Perspective at the V&A

The Lecture

Since 2001, the V&A in London has gradually transformed its galleries of design and decorative art. The newest, devoted to Western Furniture, took a radical approach: it is the only gallery in the world to examine comprehensively the techniques of construction and decoration, from ancient developments such as intarsia to the most recent 3-d printing. Nick Humphrey, co-curator of the gallery explains the creation of the gallery and explores some of its most fascinating contents.


The Lecturer

Nick Humphrey,
Curator of Furniture 1400-1700, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

In partnership with : Antiques Trade Gazette


Useful link

Victoria and Albert Museum

Shooting date : January 31, 2015

Location : Brussels

Organization : BRAFA – BIAPAL

Partners : Brussels Airlines – The Plaza Hotel