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BRAFA ART TALKS 2014 – Roi Baudouin Foundation – François Schuiten – Thierry Bellefroid

The Talk

Dominique Allard, director of the King Baudouin Foundation, shares in this lively talk his experience of working with the Foundation’s collection and gives some insights of his daily job while François Schuiten, the celebrated Belgian cartoonist, who made a significant donation to the Foundation, develops the reasons why he decided to give. The talk was mederated by the specialized journalist Thierry Bellefroid.

The Lecturers

Dominique Allard is the director of King Baudouin Foundation, the major foundation in Belgium, notably known for its Heritage and art preservation actions.

François Schuitten is a famous author of comics inspired by architecture as well as a stage designer.

Thierry Belfroid is a TV anchor and journalist, specialized in litterature as well as comics. 

Useful Links

King Baudouin

François Schuitten – Benoit Peters ‘s

Date : January 21, 2014

Location : Brussels

Organization : BRAFA art and antique Fair – BIAPAL

Partners : Brussels Airlines – The Plaza Hotel