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BRAFA ART TALKS 2014 : Dr Julien Volper : What a mask can say: thoughts on the iconography of a RMCA Luba masterpiece

The Lecture

The famous horned helmet mask collected by Oscar Michaux in the 1890s is one of the most important pieces in the collection of the Royal Museum for Central Africa. Many questions are raised by this work of mysterious beauty. In this lecture, Dr. Julien Volper develops a number of themes arising from his detailed study of the mask.


The Speaker

Dr Julien VOLPER, art historian, researcher and works as a curator at the section of ethnography at the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren (RMCA). He published several articles and recently have curated the exhibition : Giant Masks from the Congo – A Belgian Jesuit ethnographic heritage in Brussels.

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Royal Museum for Central Africa – Tervuren wesbite :

Date : January 24, 2014

Location : Brussels

Organization : BRAFA art and antique Fair – BIAPAL

Partners : Brussels Airlines – The Plaza Hotel – Tribal Art Magazine