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AAB 2014 – Dr. Richard Pegg : Maps of East Asia in the early to mid-Nineteenth Century

The Lecture

Maps are rich cultural objects presenting and transmitting information about time and place of production. The lecture presents, through comparison, certain similarities and distinctive differences in the representations of space, both real and imagined, in the early modern cartographic traditions of China, Korea and Japan. Dr. Pegg points here some of the particular practices and relationships between text and image in East Asian map making that are unique in world cartography and examins the reactions to new ideas introduced from the West like the concept of a larger world construct.


The Speaker

Dr. Pegg is currently Director and Curator of Asian Art for the MacLean Collection in Chicago.

Richard A. Pegg has a BA and MA in Chinese and Japanese Literature from George Washington University and a Ph.D in East Asian Art History from Columbia University.

He has published and lectured widely on the arts of Asia. His recent books include Passion for Form: Selections of Southeast Asian Art from the MacLean Collection and The MacLean Collection: Chinese Ritual Bronzes. His most recent book is entitled Cartographic Traditions in East Asian Maps.

Date : June 6, 2014

Location : Brussels

Organization : Asian Art in Brussels – ArtConnoisseurs