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TEFAF 2016 : Galerie Cybele presents an Egyptian Bronze Mirror, New Kingdom

Galerie Cybele presents at TEFAF this year a rare egyptian mirror in bronze dated from early to mid 18th Dynasty Kingdom, circa 1550-1425 BC
Height 25.2 cm
Collection HIRSCH Hotel Drouot July 1921; Charles Gillet (1879-1972), Lausanne; then by descent to his son, Renaud Gillet (1913-2001), Paris

For a related bronze mirror with the handle in the form of a nude girl see no. 218 in E. Brovarski, et al., Egypt's Golden Age: The Art of Living in the New Kingdom, 1558-1085 B.C.; G. Benedicte, Miroirs, Cat. Général des Antiquités Egyptiennes du Musée du Caire, (CGC)

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