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Galerie Cybele - TEFAF : Stele in the name of the head of the elders of the doorway to the Hathor Temple Pa-di-séna

34.7 x 110 cm 
Egypt, Late Period, 26th Dynasty, 664-525 BC

Galerie Cybele presents a large arched stele, carved in relief with a scene representing the owner Pa-di-séna, dressed in a short shendyt in front of a full table of offerings facing a trio comprising a mummified Osiris, followed by a falcon-headed Horus and Hathor.

Each of the deities is named by the columns of hieroglyphics located under the sky hieroglyph held by the Was sceptres. The scene sits on top of eight lines of hieroglyphs, the traditional formula for Osiris so that he grants a good burial in the necropolis at Pa-di-séna, with titles and filiation.

Collection Habib Tawadros; private collection, Germany, acquired in 1970

S. Dhennin, Revue d’Égyptologie 63, Paris 2012, pp. 67-78, pl. V-VI

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